KOR 101 is UNC's Introductory Korean course. It was here, first semester of freshman year that I finally began learning a language I had wanted to learn for years. Korean is known at UNC for being one of the easier foreign languages to learn, especially in the Asian Languages department. And with the small amount of studying I had done prior to the course, I spent most of the class just enjoying the community and culture tidbits from the instructor. It was thanks to this class that I could apply for the study abroad program I attended summer of 2018. Living in Korea was a wonderful experience, and I know I would go again if I had the chance. Unfortunately, I've stopped taking Korean at UNC for the time being, as the later courses have a significant increase of difficulty. Nonetheless, I am so grateful for the opportunities and friends that this class gave me.

The K-pop flash mob from my trip to Korea! The laughter at the very beginning is my friend and I!