So... You like cats?

Milo James Thatch

To the right is my baby, Milo James Thatch. He is a pointy boy who loves pets and hates cuddles. As you can see, he's sleeping in most of the pictures, as that is the only time he stops moving long enough for me to photograph.

What a dramatic confrontation between natural enemies! (My parents dog, Cody!)

I love Milo with every fibre of my being, but I do wonder sometimes... What could be if I had the resources to take care of my other favourite animals. I may not be able to achieve this dream in my lifetime, but damn if I won't let everyone know my suffering. So without further ado:

Top 10 Animals I Wish I Could Hug And Care For

  1. Snake - I love snakes and really wish I could have a snuggle rope of my own
  2. Bird - Just a delicate puff ball that I can sometimes hold and wiggle the feet of!
  3. Rat - Such smart and clean little friends! But my snake might eat them...
  4. Hairless cat - Okay, it's another cat. But this time it's n a k e y
  5. Sugar glider - Even more tiny friends?? This time they glide!
  6. Tarantula - I just want to protect her. So much trust when she crawls onto your hand. If you drop her, she'll literally die.
  7. Ferret - Basically just an even slipperier, naughtier, smellier cat
  8. Raccoon - Probably not the best idea; they are dangerous, chaotic boys. But tiny hands...
  9. Komodo dragon - Hopefully he will grow up to be a big boy and I can get mad gains carrying him around
  10. Another, bigger snake - I was thinking of ball pythons at first, but I also want a h u g e noodle friend

Thank you for coming to my TED Talk.