My Best Buddies!!

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[Lylou adorable]


"One day she will rule the world; no one will stand in her way and her daddy will not be the one to clear the path for her, she will do it all by herself, with her own strength and be the velvet steamroller to a better future for her and her brother"

What a wonderful little girl!! She came to my life almost 5 years ago and her sweetness and kindness have no end. Not only she has her Daddy wrapped around her little fingers, but she also won my heart with the little walks she gives me around the neighborhood so I can do my, ahem..., "business".

[Buddie being buddie]


"The smartest boy I have ever seen, only 2 years old but 70 years wise. He knows how to get his Mommy and Daddy to bend to his will. His preference is not screaming, instead he uses his gorgeous smile, delicious laugh and the right "big word" to get away with whatever he wants to do true evil genius"

He is simply my buddy!! Buddy came to my life 2.5 years ago and it seems like there are no limits to what this boy will be able to do! I could not ask for a better bud who always sneaks around something he doesn't want to eat and, mysteriously, ends up on the floor for me to sacrifice myself, be a supportive family member and clean up the floor ...yum!