For starters, I am a transfer student dual majoring in Computer Science and Psychology. I transfered to UNC-CH after 2 years of community college. I'm finishing my junior year in the fall and after graduation I intend to continue to graduate school with a focus in cyber security. I would like to use my skills obtained from the military and knowledge of how "bad guys" like to operate as well as my knowledge base of security operations to bridge some gaps in the cyber securirty field. I am always looking to further my skills in the field so have a look at my resume and let me know if I can help!

I am originally from Ohio, but have lived in Colorado, Georgia, Florida, and now North Carolina. I am married and have 2 boys with a third due any day. I am, other than school, a stay at home dad so my wife can persue her career. I previosly served in the United States Army as a Cavaly Scout. I have been to 7 different countries, mostly due to the Army. I am planning my next trip, but will be able to bring my family this time (once the new addition is fit to travel of course).

While I am currently a stay at home dad I do own my own business. I can do most any kind of metal and wood work, but my business really specializes in knifemaking. This is something I taught myself and liked so much I decided to turn it into a job. Despite owning the business, I will not be doing this going forward as work, but more as a past time. My ongoing goal is to learn as many skills as possible and create the best, most well-rounded, me that I possibly can.

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